Project Management Services in Glenside, PA and Surrounding Areas

Hire a capable and knowledgeable Project Manager

You're an investor of a new building that's scheduled to be constructed soon. Or maybe you're a developer looking to build your next property. Whatever the case, contact The Sims Group LLC today for project planning and management services.

Our experienced team oversees construction projects in Glenside, PA and the vicinity. We offer two types of project management: a do-it-all approach where we handle the entire operation or a more subordinate role where we advise you. Speak with a developer today to see which option is best for your project.

Don't begin a construction project without a qualified project manager

Skilled project management professionals have positive effects on construction projects.
The Sims Group can help you to:
  • Minimize costs of the project
  • Reduce the risk of failure
  • Negotiate with investors, developers and construction workers
  • Keep the project on schedule
Before you build a new structure, call The Sims Group. We provide project planning and management services for investors and developers in the Glenside, PA area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.